What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling and psychotherapy works through the medium of the relationship between therapist and client .Research has shown that outcomes are dependent on the quality of this relationship along with the diagnostic,inter-personal and treatment skills of the therapist .By creating an accepting, inquiring atmosphere this enables the client to become more aware of their feelings, thoughts, ways of relating, and survival strategies so as to ultimately feel more self aware, self accepting and choiceful.

What Conditions can it help?

Counselling and psychotherapy can be helpful for anyone who is experiencing unhappiness, confusion, despair, grief, self - loathing, depression, anxiety, stress, overwhelming anger / rage, excessive drinking or drug taking, has been abused as a child or is in an abusive domestic relationship.

What benefits can be expected?

In my own experience an extremely high proportion of my clients gain self esteem, recover from depression, and anxiety disorders,resolve unfinished business, heal from grief, or abuse, and experience healing and resolution of conflicts .This affects general health for the better and enables people to make positive changes in their lives .In the reflective , accepting, undemanding atmosphere of therapy it is possible to notice how we feel, think and behave and what is affecting us and what lies beneath our seemingly irrational thoughts and experiences.It becomes possible with the assistance of the therapist to begin to make sense of our experience and come to know ourselves more deeply.
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