Supervision. JUDYMED


I have been involved in supervising others for over 30 years initially in the Social Work field , where i set up , with colleagues , a pioneering peer supervision system ,which had to meet the stringent requirements of senior management as it was in the high risk field of child protection .
I have undertaken various trainings throughout my career in supervision.
And since setting up my own private practice as a psychotherapist over 28 years ago , i have supervised counsellors and psychotherapists , both in training and graduates .
I very much enjoy providing a safe space for practitioners to bring their work . And to be part of witnessing less experienced therapists grow and develop .
Since graduating i have also participated at times in peer supervision groups.
I have a collaborative , enquiring ,and at times , when necessary , a challenging approach .I supervise psychotherapy and counselling trainees and also qualified and experienced practitioners.

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