"Once again , THANK YOU for all the love, care, understanding, help and non- judgementalism you have given me along the way."

Judy is a wonderful listener and a highly skilled professional . She provides a safe , non - judgemental environment to talk and has a deep compassion and understanding . I would highly recommend her as providing an excellent service to help with the healing process . Judy , thank you for your kindness and support and providing a non - judgemental space to 'find' myself again . I came to see you believing I would always be 'depressed' . I walk out into the world free of the chains - thank you for giving me space and time to heal . For this I am extremely grateful . October 2014

"I've suffered from depression all my adult life , but since working with you , i am convinced i will not go there again."

"I feel like the person i was again before all those terrible things happened."

"I came here full of self loathing and self hatred but with your help i have, amazingly, come to like and accept myself."

"Thank you for all your support. I would not be who i am today without your help on my journey."

"The work that i have done here with you has been truly life - changing."

"Thank you Judy for supporting me through the tough times. Having a weekly space to be heard , without judgement , gave me the motivation and the ability to continue caring for Mum before her death.
At the end of my therapy , i feel more confident , more resilient to face the future challenges of life , and more my Self than ever before."

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