Top Ten Tips for Relationships

1 Listen as fully and as presently as possible - give your full attention to the other person.

2 Communicate as openly and as clearly as possible how you feel.

3.Take responsibility for your own feelings and experience.

4 Remember we are all motivated by the need to feel loved and the desire to protect ourselves from pain.

5 Accept that we are all unique and experience things differently depending on our personal history, our particular issues and our take on the world.

6 Allow the other person to be who they are.

7 Let go of attempting to MAKE others be what you need them to be.

8 Stop blaming the other for how you feel.Remember no-one else MAKES you angry or upset they just do things that trigger these responses in you.

9 Appreciate whats good about the other more than whats missing or wrong.

10 When something ' bugs' you in the other ,try to locate that trait or quality in yourself - invariably what we can`t stand in others is a characteristic we can`t accept in ourselves.

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